Victoria Institute Australia
September 8, 2016
Brand Strategy | Brand Design | Graphic Design | Branding

Victoria Institute of Australia (VIA) welcomes students from across the world who are seeking a rewarding educational experience and a taste of the Australian lifestyle. They are focused on delivering a quality learning process while preparing their clients for a rewarding career. VIA engages with the industry to ensure their course content is up-to-date and meets the needs of an evolving workplace.

The main concept of the brand design is ‘pathway’. The institute wanted to convey a local lifestyle through the experience of studying with VIA. The core brand identity is made up of a line that forms the letters ‘VIA’, creating an endless visual effect. The combination of two colours creates a great transition, symbolising the change to a new lifestyle. The curves are designed to create playful and experimental brand characteristics, demonstrating the pathway of each student who studies with VIA.